Brenda Arnott–Wesson, MEd

Managing Partner/ Founder

Brenda is Voluble’s Managing Partner and founder.  Drawing on her extensive litigation consulting experience, Brenda guides the work of the Voluble team and also works directly with clients on a variety of cases. Brenda starts each engagement by working with the expert and client to understand the complexities of the market and the questions at issue. She ascertains how Voluble’s work fits into the bigger picture of an expert’s opinion and the overall case to determine how Voluble can best contribute to the execution of case strategy.  Brenda works with Voluble’s client team, the expert and the client where appropriate, to oversee the completion of the social media analysis and the preparation of litigation ready output in the form of a stand-alone report or material that the expert can use to support the conclusions reached in his or her report.

Brenda decided to launch Voluble when she identified the enormous potential benefit from creating litigation-ready evidence from the vast sea of social media postings relating to consumer products, the companies that produce and sell them, and purchase decisions involving them. She realized that traditional social media analytic providers had neither the knowledge of litigation nor the ability to produce robust analyses to meet evidentiary standards of litigation.

In addition to her work with Voluble, Brenda has been consulting to law firms regarding expert witness selection, report writing and deposition and trial preparation for nearly 15 years. She has been responsible for serving as the liaison between expert witnesses and law firms, helping lead the development of expert reports and overseeing and directing the work of the analytical staff.

Brenda earned a Master’s degree in Education from Harvard University where she studied reading and language. She now applies her training in text structure, vocabulary and comprehension to the development of compelling reports and rebuttal analyses for litigation.

Brenda has built an unrivaled team of litigation and technology experts to make Voluble the go-to source for litigation ready social media analytics.