About Voluble

Voluble was founded by a team of experienced litigation consultants to provide social media analyses designed specifically to withstand the rigors of complex commercial litigation.

The Voluble team is a dedicated and skilled group of professionals. We bring together academic and professional expertise from the legal, business, and IT sectors. We have dedicated significant resources to examining the legal precedents regarding the admissibility and use of social media evidence. We have also applied our collective expertise to the development of innovative technology to ensure our work is both efficient and accurate.

We launched Voluble because our team identified the enormous potential impact that could be derived from creating litigation-ready evidence from the vast sea of social media postings relating to consumer products, the companies that produce and sell them, and purchase decisions involving them. We had seen that traditional social media analytic firms had neither expertise related to the often-nuanced issues of litigation nor the ability to produce robust analyses to meet evidentiary standards of litigation.

Our team’s first-hand experience includes participating in cases involving secondary meaning, likelihood of confusion and dilution, fame, genericide, lost sales, deceptive advertising, market definition and anti-competitive behavior.

We provide both law firms and expert witnesses with analyses and insights based on online consumer conversations across a comprehensive and customizable array of social media platforms – transforming vast amounts of unstructured social media chatter into relevant and reliable data for experts.

Our approach can be used to produce both quantitative evidence and anecdotal commentary that can stand alone or supplement other types of evidence such as surveys. We can search for social media evidence to either support or refute the conclusions of survey and other types of consumer-oriented evidence. Similarly, we can analyze social media data looking to provide support to either the plaintiff or defendant in a case.

Through social media, consumers’ actual comments regarding the marketplace issues of interest in the relevant timeframe are captured as they occur naturally. Posts identified through our analysis often make excellent trial exhibits that help bring the evidence alive so the judge, jury and opposing party can better understand how the actions at issue were understood and acted upon by consumers in the relevant time period.

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